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BOOKS and AUDIOBOOKS about addiction, recovery, and sobriety!

The Sober Journey Front Cover.jpg
Want to improve your chances of staying sober? Prayer and meditation are simple, reliable, and time-tested methods that can help you improve your chances of staying sober and living in peace, serenity, and joy.

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Want to know the secret to long-term sobriety? Want to live sober, happy, and free? Try this simple plan about living a healthier, happier life in recovery.

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Are ready to get healthy and fit now that you’re sober? Do you want to know a simple plan for rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit in sobriety?

Polluted front cover.jpg
Polluted! My Sober Journey is an intimate portrait of the author’s experience getting sober and the stages he passed through to stay clean. Humorous and raw, and always brutally honest, Polluted! My Sober Journey charts the author’s harrowing path from the destruction and despair of a life fueled by substance abuse to the freedom, joy, and purpose he found in sobriety.   
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Want to know how to repair your finances in sobriety? Recovering from gambling addiction or substance abuse? There are simple steps you can take to improve your money problems today!


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The Serenity Prayer Journal is a beautiful guide to help boost your mood and strengthen your courage. Follow the simple prompts contained in this journal and take this profound prayer into every moment of your day.

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