Learn about addiction, recovery and how to develop a strong, successful life in sobriety. Browse books and audiobooks below to learn more.

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For anyone seeking a healthy and productive life free from the fears and anxieties that plague the minds of addicts and alcoholics. 
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Healthy, smart and positive habits that will help you enjoy your sobriety and STAY sober.
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Sober Body offers a simple and easy plan for getting fit and healthy, one day at a time. 
My journey from self-destructive addiction to the freedom, joy, and purpose I found in sobriety. 
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Comprehensive solutions on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, finances, spirituality, gratitude and healthy habits. 
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A beautiful guide to help boost your mood, strengthen your resilience and encourage you to meet each day without fear. 
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A simple and effective guide to help you get out of debt, save money and achieve financial peace in sobriety.

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