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For anyone seeking a healthy and productive life free from the fears and anxieties that plague the minds of addicts and alcoholics. 

The Sober Journey: A Guide to Prayer and Meditation in Recovery is a powerful companion for anyone undertaking the tough road to getting and staying clean. Focusing on spiritual positivity as your lifeline to a stable and steady alcohol or drug-free lifestyle, Foster’s encouraging and uplifting techniques will help you find peace. And by following these time-tested strategies, you’ll soon move past struggle and uncertainty to claim your calming inner strength.
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Healthy, smart and positive habits that will help you enjoy your sobriety and stay sober.

Sobertude: 50 Uplifting Habits That Create Gratitude, Abundance and Joy in Sobriety is a practical manual for anyone walking the hard road of destiny. Guiding you through fifty detailed action items, Foster gently helps you craft your own personalized approach to lifting your moods. And with each day appearing stronger and more promising, you’ll feel empowered to tackle your new world brimming with enthusiasm.
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Sober Body offers a simple and easy plan for getting fit and healthy, one day at a time. 

Sober Body: A Guide to Health and Fitness in Sobriety is a practical manual aimed at anyone longing to rejuvenate their life after quitting substance abuse. Revealing simple tools to repair the damage to your body and soul, Foster’s easy-to-follow steps help you make smart choices that support your road to wellness. And with daily plans to assist you in becoming stronger and fitter, you’ll soon feel that much-needed spring in your step.
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A personal journey from self-destructive addiction to the freedom, joy, and purpose found in sobriety. 

Polluted! My Sober Journey: Alcohol, Addiction and The 7 Stages to Getting Clean is a motivational account of one man’s surrender to an sober and joy-filled life. Packed with real-world examples of how to use tried-and-tested techniques, Foster outlines a message of hope for those desperate to end the misery. And by learning how to persevere in even the toughest of times, you’ll find the courage and guidance to set yourself free.
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A simple and effective guide to help you get out of debt, save money and achieve financial peace in sobriety.

Sober & Broke: How to Make Money, Save Money, Pay Debt and Find Financial Peace in Sobriety is a well-grounded approach to repairing the damage caused by a previous addiction. Thoughtfully laid out with easy-to-follow steps, Foster brings hope to fixing real-life issues and reclaiming your finances. And by following his simple principles, you will slowly and surely see a return to smart money management and a more secure world.

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